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About Rennroc

A portal for
data and analytics in one place

A Rennroc portal is designed to combine any number of data sources into a central database. Through surveys and feeds from other systems, Rennroc provides a single source for all business information.



With Rennroc there are no limits on storage of orgnaizations, locations or data points.



Data Points

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Latest News

The Rennroc platform has been desgined for innovation.   See below for the latest features.

Office 365 Integration

With our new office 365 integration, you can manage projects and files in Rennroc AND in office 365! Our system integrates seamlessly to allow your team to leverage all the[…]

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What is Your Total Cost of Risk?

In today‚Äôs insurance market, insurers are digging deeper into business details than ever before. Do you have the information they need? By leveraging the Rennroc survey and information tools, you[…]

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