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Author: Russ Highton

Data Management Portals

Office 365 Integration

With our new office 365 integration, you can manage projects and files in Rennroc AND in office 365! Our system integrates seamlessly to allow your team to leverage all the security and flexibility offered in Office365 while still accessing your critical data through Rennroc. Contact us today for a free demonstration.

Integrated Project Management

We are excited to announce the integration of our project management system. Now you can track projects, files, emails, and tickets in the same Rennroc interface.

What is Your Total Cost of Risk?

In today’s insurance market, insurers are digging deeper into business details than ever before. Do you have the information they need? By leveraging the Rennroc survey and information tools, you can have ALL the information you need at your fingertips. Accurate data is proven to result in premium savings.

Return on Investment

The Rennroc system has been proven to effectively leverage accurate organizational information to the benefit of lowered insurance premiums as well as lowered operating costs through streamlined information sharing.

STOP Spreadsheet Overload

Tired of trying to make business decisions from hundreds of disconnected and unconfirmed spreadsheets? Companies often get trapped into the misuse of spreadsheets to track, store and support business decisions. This misuse leads to information integrity and data source concerns that can have a major impact on the information analysis. The Rennroc solution provides powerful…
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